ABC Diet - The Top 5 Health Risks and Alternatives

ABC Diet – The Top 5 Health Risks and Alternatives

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The ABC diet is an extreme diet plan that has many risks associated with it. The plan recommends that a person consumes between 100-500 calories per day, which is way less than the recommended 1,500 calories that I recommend consuming per day.

Here are some of the health risks of the ABC diet, and a list of alternative diets that would be much healthier for your body.

Risk #1 – The ABC diet focuses on Malnutrition

Malnutrition can happen when the body doesn’t get enough intake of nutrients. By not eating enough food, the body lacks the proper amount of vitamins that are necessary for proper health. By not consuming the proper amount of pure protein, you’ll find a difficult time fighting off sicknesses and illnesses.

Although the ABC diet will help an individual lose weight, there are many other diets out there that focus more on the type of food you eat (in balance) which is a much better way to lose weight and still stay healthy. One diet that we recommend which allows you to consume still the proper amount of nutrients (but still focuses on weight loss) is the Favorite Food diet. This is a great place to start if you are looking to lose weight.

Risk #2 – Fatigue

It’s hard to do the things you should be doing when you experience excessive fatigue. The ABC diet focuses on low-calorie intake and not getting enough calories in your diet will make you abnormally tired. By only consuming 500 calories per day, your body’s metabolism is sort of “tricked” in a way and this causes it to go into defensive mode. This is why we highly recommend staying away from this diet plan.

Risk #3 – Paranoia

Believe it or not, the ABC diet has risks beyond just fatigue and malnutrition. People that try out the ABC diet could experience moments of paranoia, as the body is not getting the proper intake of vitamins. This is a less common risk compared to the first two listed, but it still something we wanted to list here.

Risk #4 – Cold Sensitivity

When you lose fat and muscle mass, the body will lack its ability to keep you warm. When you decide to try the ABC diet, this extreme loss of weight will lead to your body being very sensitive to cold temperatures, ultimately putting you more at risk to sickness and illnesses.

Most people want to lose belly-fat we understand that the ABC diet has the ability for you to lose weight. But the extremeness of the diet is not ideal to how your body reacts to your outside environment which is one of the reasons why we highly discourage it.

Risk #5 – The ABC Diet can Increase Depression

Not getting enough nutrients and calories in your body will lead to issues with the way you think. According to a Harvard study, eating right is proven to be a huge component of emotional health in humans. The key is you can lose weight and actively maintain good mental and emotional health.

We hope this article encourages you to stay away from the ABC diet as it has so many risks associated with it as highlighted in this article. If you are interested in healthily losing weight, check out the Favorite Foods diet and for efficient weight loss, check out the Flat-Belly fix.

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